University Grants & Sponsored Programs: SPIN


Ashland University has purchased a subscription to SPINPlus, the world’s largest funding opportunities database, to assist with identifying funding opportunities. This Quick Start Guide aims to provide you with the basics of using SPINPlus.


1. Visit
2. Select “SPIN” from the Client Login section (top of page)
3. You will be prompted to enter your username and password
            Login name = your AU user name (without
            Password = Ashland
4. Change your password

  • Visit
  • Select “Genius” from the Client Login section (top of page).
  • Select the “Edit Existing Profile” option. Login with your temporary username/password.
  • At the bottom of the page select “Change Password” and update to the password of your choice.


When you first visit the SPINPlus home page it may look a bit spare, but there are several important functions organized as drop-down menus along the top of the page. These features are demonstrated in the online tutorial videos.

  • Category Filters: allows you to refine your results (see below for more detailed information)
  • Options: applies limits to entire search based on prescribed criteria (see below for more detailed information)
  • Searches: access to saved searches
  • Bookmarks: access to saved bookmark categories
  • Funding Guides: access to Federal Business Opportunities and the US Federal Register Guide
  • Keywords: access to keyword or groups of keywords for future use 


SPIN provides a modern full-text search that is run against the entire record. You may search for any component of an opportunity, for example:

  • Opportunity Title
  • Sponsor Name
  • Funding Opportunity Number
  • Field/Subject Matter
  • Eligible Applicant Types

 → Results are returned in relevancy ranked format, and can be further sorted, grouped, or filtered by the results grid column headers.


Category Filters can be configured to describe yourself as an applicant in several areas. Select the most relevant options that describe you, and the system will display only results for which you are eligible to apply. The AU Grants Team suggests the following settings:

  • Application Location: Ohio—Results will include all opportunities except those limited to states other than Ohio.
  • Applicant Type: Higher Education Institution—Results will include opportunities targeted to higher education but also include opportunities that do not specify.
  • Project Type: Your choice—This category really is specific to the project which you hope to fund. If unsure, leave this setting blank and your results will include all project types.
  • Project Location: Ohio—Results will include all opportunities except those limited to states other than Ohio.
  • Citizenship Status: US Citizen—Noncitizens should select their individual citizenship only when looking for individual funding (not a group project).

Please note: once you change your category filters, these parameters will be applied to EACH search you conduct. You can go back and change the filters at any time.
→Results are returned in relevancy ranked format, and can be further sorted, grouped, or filtered by the result’s grid column headers.

Search Options can be set under the Options menu to configure some personal preferences,such as only viewing recently updatedopportunities or excluding US Federalsponsored opportunities. The AU Grants Team suggests the default settings for Search Options EXCEPT for the Suspended Opportunities Setting. We suggest you change the default setting to Include Suspended Opportunities to gain a broader perspective on possible opportunities that are just not currently posted.

Advanced parsing techniques can be utilized within the full-text search. Words can be excluded by inserted a hyphen prior to them, Boolean and/or logic can be dictated with parentheses, and quoted strings can be used to search for exact phrases.

 →The “?” to the right of the Search button contains full examples.


There are short tutorials available on the SPINPlus website that will help you learn to navigate the service. You will find a link to these tutorials in the upper right corner of the main SPINPlus webpage under “Training Videos”. A link to the tutorial page can also be found here:


If you are interested in learning more about SPINPlus please sign up to attend a demo with the University Grants and Sponsored Programs Team by emailing Sharon Lowe at  Demos will be offered during the second half of Summer term.