CASA Living Learning Community

When you arrive on campus, you want to feel at home, connect quickly, and succeed in your classrooms. Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are designed for exactly that. By bringing first-year students together to form a collaborative network, the College of Arts & Sciences Alliance Living Learning Community helps facilitate a smooth transition to college life.

CASA Living Learning Community Benefits

As a member of this community, you’ll:

  • Live in the same residence hall with other CASA members

  • Get involved, meet new people, and make friends

  • Enjoy going to class because you and CASA students are enrolled in two courses together in the fall and one course together in the spring

  • Find help and encouragement informally through networking with peers and faculty mentors

  • Register before other first year students and get the best selection of spring courses

  • Participate for free—because there is no cost to join the LLC!

You’ll also engage in social opportunities such as fall festivals, sporting events, concerts, lectures, tailgate parties, movie nights, and more.


Any student can join who has a major within the College of Arts & Sciences.

This includes students pursuing a degree in Art & Design, Biology/Toxicology, Chemistry/Geology/Physics, Communication Studies, Criminal Justice, English, Environmental Science, Foreign Languages, History/Political Science, Journalism and Digital Media, Mathematics/Computer Science, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Social Work, or Theatre.

Questions about the CASA Living Learning Community?

Contact: Dr. Cindy Moseman or call 419.289.5293.


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