The painting program at Ashland University is a comprehensive experience that prepares students for whatever direction their studio aspirations might take them.  The camaraderie and enthusiasm in the painting studio comes from a group of young artists encouraged to share their experiences, ideas, and techniques, directed by an artist with over 30 years of creative experience and an extensive national exhibition record.  Our B.F.A. painters have gone on to successful study in M.F.A. programs, and they frequently comment about the high degree of preparation they received at Ashland.  Our approach fully prepares Art Education students for the range of teaching options they desire, as well as the studio conditions they might encounter.  B.A. art majors can expect a rigorous exposure to the art of painting that will inform and enrich them throughout their lives.  And students who take painting to fulfill electives will have a well-rounded experience that immerses them in the world of the painted mark.  Our discussions and critiques develop concept and artistic intent, and tie form and style to content in ways that allow for the exponential growth of your work.  From the glazing techniques of the old masters to contemporary expressionistic painting applications and everything in between, the A.U. painting program will allow you to develop your artistic potential.