Brian Doyle Seminar "Starts and Beginnings"

Starts and beginnings and overheards and sparks and seeds and notes and further ruminations on starting pieces, which is the most important part of writing, no matter what anybody else tells you, because once you are launched you can sprint and play and type ever faster; you can always hone and polish and cut and edit and think later, but to begin, to listen to the stories that wish to be told and jot their music before they go – that’s our afternoon’s conversation.

Brian Doyle, author of thirteen books of essays, poems, nonfiction, and fiction, will present this craft seminar as part of the Master of Fine Arts Summer Residency.

Schar College of Education, Room 138

Contact the English Department for additional information.

Date & Time

July 29, 2013 -
1:00pm to 2:30pm