Linda Gregerson Seminar “The Girl in the Tree: Metamorphosis in the Contemporary Lyric”

Drawing upon the work of four late-twentieth and twenty-first-century poets, I’ll be talking about the rupturing of boundaries as a thematic and formal resource for the lyric poem. My starting point is Ovid’s great poem of metamorphosis and its saturating influence on subsequent Western literature. We now tend to talk about the inextricable connectedness of animal and vegetable and mineral in other vocabularies, notably that of ecology, but the figures of Echo and Narcissus, Ceres and Pygmalion have, if anything, gained power over the centuries. My discussion will move from thematic to structural issues, with an extended example from a poem by Robert Hass.

Linda Gregerson, author of four books of poetry and two books of criticism, will present this craft seminar as part of the Master of Fine Arts Summer Residency.

Schar College of Education, Room 138

Contact the English Department for additional information.

Cheryl Strayed
Start Date: 
Monday, August 5, 2013 -
1:00pm to 2:30pm

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