"Our Culture is Not for Sale": Maya Spirituality and the December 21st, 2012 Predications in Global Context

Presenter: Elizabeth Bell

What is Maya sprirtuality really about, other than New Age astrology and doomsday?  What do the Maya themselves say about the 2012 predictions?  How do they attempt to decolonize their ancient systems of knowledge? Contemporary Guatemalan society can be portrayed as fractured and dissonant, as it is characterized by increasing religious plurality, economic and ethnic inequality, drug-related violence, and the legacy of military violence and discrimination.  We will see how, when unable to achieve social and political representation and recognition in this highly stratified postcolonial society, the Maya population negotiates meaning and achieves legitimacy by using the very tool which sets them apart: their culture.

Start Date: 
Wednesday, September 18, 2013 - 7:00pm
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