Public Relations & Strategic Communication

Arm yourself with the knowledge and skills

 you need to be a success in this ever-changing, dynamic field.

The Public Relations and Strategic Communication program here at Ashland University reflects one of the most dynamic areas of communication studies and offers students the unique experience of learning and mastering the art and science of relating to diverse publics using a variety of media and communication strategies and vehicles. The ability to effectively relate to a variety of audiences and publics is such a valuable skill that jobs requiring expertise in public relations and strategic communication are expected to increase by 24 percent over the next five years.

The practice of public relations and strategic communication involves the ability to effectively relate to different publics as well as properly formulate, design and implement message campaigns for clients that include hospitals, corporations, non-profit groups and government agencies. You will gain first-hand experience in the creation and implementation of campaigns based on the goals or mission of the client through involvement in one of the many professional and student organizations on campus. Our students regularly turn their class projects into professional conference presentations.

Our Public Relations and Strategic Communication program will prepare you for all aspects of relating to different publics. Whether you choose to be the “face” of an organization, government agency or advocacy group or choose to work behind the scenes in the publicizing and promoting of events, people, products or causes, the Public Relations and Strategic Communication major at Ashland University will have both the knowledge and skill required to excel in all of these roles.

Added Value for the Ashland University Public Relations and Strategic Communication Major:

  • You will be given the individual attention from professors who have experience in both the theory the practice of public relations as well as have served as consultants in strategic communication efforts.
  • The research and public relations campaign opportunities afforded to you can include sporting events, fund raising, as well as working for a variety of advocacy groups. The results of many of these efforts can be showcased at state, regional and national conferences.
  • You will build a portfolio consisting of your accomplishments, public relation and strategic communication projects, campaigns and other valuable experiences that will position you to be extremely appealing to employers.

Reach Your Career Goals

When you complete your degree in Public Relations, you will be ready to begin a career as a:

 - Advertising Agent  - Marketing Director
 - Campaign Director  - Organizing Development Coordinator
 - Community Consultant  - Personnel Director
 - Community Relations Director  - Public Relations Director
 - Event Planner  - Strategic Communication Manager
 - Hospital Liaison  - Sports Information Director
 - Human Resources Officer  - Sport Team Publicist
 - Internal Communication  - Training & Development Coordinator

Gain Real World Experience

Students have a wide variety of options for internships, both on and off campus. Such opportunities include but are not limited to:

 - Advertising Agencies
 - Ashland Center for nonviolence
 - Career Service
 - Financial institutions
 - Government Agencies
 - Hospitals and Safety Organizations
 - Law Offices
 - Marketing Agencies
 - Non-profit organizations
 - Sports organizations

The possibilities are endless!

Interesting Classes You May Take

COM 430:

Strategic Communication –  This course provides instruction and practice in strategic communication theory and research at the organizational and public levels. Students will gain the necessary skills to identify and execute proper planning in both promotion and crisis planning for organizations to those who are directly and indirectly impacted.

COM 474:

Public Relations Campaigns – This course is a capstone experience where students apply the knowledge they have gained to develop PR campaigns for real-world clients. This integration involves coordination of the entire PR process, including client communication, research, planning and development, implementation, and evaluation of PR campaigns. Students will strengthen their strategic thinking, writing, and presentation skills.

About the

Communication Studies Honor Society

Lambda Pi Eta - The national communication honorary (Alpha Alpha Rho) that recognizes scholarly excellence in the field of Communication Studies.

Campus Organizations

for Public Relations and Strategic Communication Majors

PRSSA - Public Relations Student Society of America is a national 10,000 member professional student organization that offers majors opportunities for mentoring, professional growth and assistance from public relations professionals throughout the United States.