Angelique Cunningham, Class of 2012

Angelique Cunningham
In my time spent at Ashland University, I have come to understand that each of our faculty members brings amazing contributions as educators and more importantly as genuine caring people. They all have an ability to enlighten, inspire, motivate, and challenge their students. Upon entering college, we try to pick a major that we find interest in or that we have been told would be fitting for our personality and academic strengths, but it was my experience within the department that spurred a strong sense of passion for the Communication realm. Being able to work alongside accredited faculty members who can speak from both knowledge and experience has truly opened my eyes to the importance of this major and the limitless opportunities it presents both academically and professionally. It’s comforting to know that the professors, who helped me throughout my undergraduate studies and grew to know me not only as a student but a young adult, are still mentors and advisers to me today. From them, I have not only taken away a degree but a skill set beyond measure that is proving itself daily, as I take on a Master’s program in Communication. But no one has to take my word for it, within the Communication department at Ashland University it’s something you can experience for yourself.