Becky Richards, Biology '04; MD/PhD, Oregon Health Sciences University

Becky Richards sitting in front of chalk board
I entered Ashland University without a clear career goal, but my interest in medicine was piqued after taking an Anatomy and Physiology class during my sophomore year. I was also able to participate in undergraduate research while at Ashland, which inspired me to appreciate the importance of basic science research. I decided that in my career, I wanted to bridge the gap between basic science research and clinical medicine, which led me to apply for and enter a combined degree MD/PhD program at Oregon Health and Science University. I am very happy in my chosen career path, and remain incredibly grateful for the guidance I received at Ashland that helped me to discover it. Ashland University is an excellent place to begin a scientific career. The integrated science departments expose students to a diverse array of topics, which makes it easy for a student to discover their passions and then tailor a curriculum to fit with their ultimate career goal. Small class sizes and energetic, caring professors provide the perfect environment to help a student gain the necessary skills and excitement about their chosen field.