Erika Gallion (Creative Writing, class of 2014)

Erika Gallion
Upon graduating from Ashland with a degree in English and a degree in Creative Writing, I went straight into a Master's program in a different field: Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs. Graduate level classes require diligent reading skills, the ability to write and speak confidently, and an interest in having dialogues with classmates and other professionals. I can thank my undergraduate experience at Ashland University for cultivating these vital skills for me; I felt very comfortable with the graduate student workload because of the preparation I had in both English and Creative Writing courses (hearing other students criticize your writing improves your confidence a lot!). I carry certain discussions, classes, books, and moments from the English department at Ashland University with me to help guide me through this M.Ed. program and hopefully to a PhD program in literature later down the road.