Jackie (Trippi) Pfadt

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My degree in Mathematics has provided many opportunities in my career and is the cornerstone for my success as a professional. Math has given me a great understanding of logic and has enhanced my analytical thinking and problem solving abilities which are essential in any pursued career. This foundation allows me to break down complex business issues and re-build them into innovative and sound solutions. After graduation, I got a job as an Information Specialist working for the federal government. In the hiring process, I learned that they looked for graduates with degrees in Mathematics, Finance or Computer Science. The intent was to look for students with strong logical backgrounds. As they trained me for my new position, my foundation in Mathematics greatly helped my learning curve and ultimately led to my success as a team lead working on the Department of Army's deployment into the financial application I was supporting. As I advanced in my career, I took a position as a Senior Consultant who evaluates business processes in existing financial systems and works to define requirements for new system interfaces or replace existing systems with new applications. In my career, I have also worked in areas such as Lean 6, Six Sigma and other Project Development and Quality Assurance methodologies. My background in probability, statistics, discrete mathematics and real analysis have helped me better understand business processes and objectively define improvement opportunities or alternative solutions based on quantitative and logical analysis. I feel that the skills I learned studying Math at Ashland provided me such a strong foundation in the professional world as well as in my personal pursuits such as a Masters of Business Administration. Mathematics has prepared me greatly for the business world and continues to open doors in my future both professionally and personally.