Kayla Ray, Class of 2014

Kayla Ray
The communication program at Ashland University has helped me find out who I really am. Both the professors and the classwork have guided me through the confusing and challenging process of finding out what I am passionate about in a professional standpoint. The Communication department has led me to follow my inspirations to working with Public Relations in different aspects. Dr. Avtgis has been able to create new classes/programs that challenge us to work above and beyond what we thought we were capable of as students. Such things include multiple campaigns and projects that give us something tangible to show future employers. He has also inspired us to not only look at the "traditional" way of PR, but also the medical path. He has opened our eyes up to the different career paths and opportunities that we didn't even know existed, as well as multiple communication aspects that I would have never even thought about. Along with Dr. Avtgis, Dr. Rodriguez has also made a huge impact on my collegiate experience. She has brought enthusiasm to the classroom and shown us how exciting communication can be in different aspects such as sports. She along with Dr. Avtgis have also shown me the importance of graduate school. If someone were debating between majoring in Communication and some other major I would highly recommend Communication because of the limitless opportunities and career paths the major offers. At Ashland University we have the best professors any student could ask for, I could not get the experiences I have had through the Communication program and professors anywhere else.