Kelli Fleming

Kelli Flemming

In the summer of 2012, I spent eight weeks Antigua and Jocotenango. I went to school every day for several hours and lived with a host family in Antigua, but my internship at Los Patojos was one village over in Jocotenango. I rode a chicken bus every day to work (refurbished, vibrantly colored school buses driven down to Guatemala from the U.S.), where I spent each afternoon playing games and learning with (and from!) the Los Meteoritos 8-11 year olds. Los Patojos is an after-school program that has a goal of preventing the youth of Jocotenango from joining gangs and using drugs while empowering them to promote peace through the arts. I also traveled throughout the country and spent time at Monterrico, a black sand beach on the southern coast, Guatemala City, the capital, Lake Atitlán and neighboring cities, and to several national parks with Mayan ruins. I experienced the richness of the indigenous cultures every day and was even able to attend a Mayan religious service! However, of all of the interesting and new places I visited, my internship and working at Los Patojos was the biggest blessing and most rewarding experience of the summer, I loved every minute of it.


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