Lauren Goossens '13

Lauren Goossens
I just finished my first semester of graduate school at Miami University in the Speech Pathology program. Graduate school is definitely tough and very demanding, but my experience at Ashland has helped to prepare me for the change. Just like at Ashland, the professors in my program at MU are extremely willing to help and truly do care about their students. My degree in Psychology has given me information and skills that can be applied to Speech Pathology, and the research experience that I had at Ashland helped me to earn a graduate assistantship. I have really enjoyed what I am going into as my career choice, and I love working with all age groups. My favorite group to work with, though, is people who have suffered from strokes and TBIs. I have had the opportunity to complete clinic rotations that have given me hands on experience with all ages in different settings, and I also have two clients of my own at the clinic: a child with a phonological disorder and an older gentleman who suffered from a stroke. This summer I will be completing an externship at an outpatient rehab facility, and then I just have the fall and spring semesters left! I am excited to be going into the field of speech pathology, and I cannot wait to become a professional in the field.