Ashland Philosophy alumnus Matthew Mingus

Matthew D. Mingus

Matthew D. Mingus is a 2008 graduate of Ashland University, where he majored in history, philosophy, and political science. After completing his undergraduate work, Matt pursued graduate study in history at the University of Florida. In 2013 he defended his dissertation, "Envisioning Germany's Mapped Space: Reconstructing German National Identity, 1945-1961", received his PhD, and was offered a faculty position at the University of New Mexico in Gallup, NM. Matt is currently an Assistant Professor of History and regularly teaches Western Civilization survey courses as well as an upper-level course on the history of the Holocaust.

Matt lives in Gallup, NM with his wife, Lindsey, and two dogs. In his spare time he enjoys reading, brewing beer, biking, and hiking.

Concerning his studies at Ashland University, Matt explains that: "The philosophy department at Ashland University provided me with a unique intellectual experience as an undergraduate. I don't know of any other department at a liberal arts college that offers such an incredibly diverse array of courses. No where else could I have immersed myself in a course completely dedicated to the study of Thomas Aquinas, or the study of Soren Kierkegaard. I took classes that focused on the philosophy of religion, human nature, and logic. I was even able to take a semster-long course titled 'Against Television'!"

"Studying philosophy at Ashland University made me a better student, a better writer, and a better thinker. The ideas I studied in graduate school - the same ideas I teach to my own students today - were first introduced to me through my philosophy coursework. I don't think I would have been as prepared for my doctoral program or for my current career had I not chosen to major in philosophy. My interest in the history of ideas, and the consequences of those ideas, was largely provoked by my study of philosophy at AU."


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