Megan Barth (B.A., Applied Piano, ’07 MM Student in Vocal Coaching, Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City, OK)

Megan Barth
When I began my Piano Performance degree at Ashland University in 2003, little did I know the significant role this school would play in both my academic and professional careers. Not only did I receive tremendous instruction from my teacher and mentor, Elizabeth Pastor, but I also delved into a variety of musical areas—jazz, collaborative piano, and musicology. My initial career goal was performance, and I could not have asked for a better teacher than Elizabeth Pastor. Her expertise, tenacity, and guidance have shaped me into the pianist, teacher, and coach that I am today. The Music Department at Ashland University provided my musical foundation and has continued to build upon it over the past several years. I hope that music students in future have the opportunity to begin molding their unique musical paths in this wonderful environment just as I did.