Megan Wise, Class of 2013

Megan Wise
Coming in as a student at Ashland University, I could not have dreamed up the path of opportunities and experiences that the Department of Communication Studies has given me. Classes are not merely made up of lectures and notes, but rather provide time for students to develop their own training manuals or public relations campaigns, which are then presented to clients for possible implementation into their organization. Having these materials to add to my portfolio are extremely valuable as I look for job opportunities after graduation. The Department of Communication Studies gives students the opportunity to expand upon their interests and conduct extensive research experiments, which could be presented at the local, state, regional, or even national level. I had the privilege to present my research at the Ohio Communication Association conference and this experience allowed me to practice my public speaking skills and have the chance to network with professionals from across the state. The Department of Communication Studies is a great platform to explore the many sectors of communication and prepare students for what the future holds upon graduation.