MFA Faculty and Visiting Writer Residency Information

Please submit this form by Friday, June 1, 2018.

Marketing and Publicity

The Ashland University MFA Program will publicize the summer residency events through press releases, brochures, website promotion, and newsletters.  During the residency, the IT department will be filming craft seminars and evening readings for posting on the University website, and the Marketing department may request time for an interview with you. Please indicate whether you are willing to be recorded as part of your visit to campus, and also whether you consent to speaking with members of the press or members of the Marketing department at Ashland.


Lunch and dinner are provided by on-campus dining services and catering at Ashland University during your stay. Please indicate and dietary restrictions or allergies we should be aware of. Upon arriving for dinner, please alert the staff to your dietary needs.

Emergency Contact Information

Please provide the name and phone number of a contact in case of an emergency.

Travel Information

In addition to the honorarium, lodging, and meals while on-campus, Ashland University will reimburse you for all of the following:

  • Taxi fare to/from airport
  • Mileage ($0.40 per mile) to/from Ashland, plus tolls (if driving, maximum travel reimbursement is $400)
  • Parking fees at airport
  • Airfare (please consult with Cassy Brown prior to purchasing your flight if it exceeds $400)

We regret that we are unable to reimburse travel expenses in advance of the residency. In order to be reimbursed, please keep all receipts and flight invoices and remit these no later than August 15 following the residency.

Are you driving or flying?