Philip Schaffer

I learned Latin at the feet of Dr. Foster. I took my first Latin class in the fall of my sophomore year. During my sophomore year, I was a student in the intensive first Latin classes that Dr. Foster taught. Outside of class that year, I met with Dr. Foster in order to further study Latin. In the summer following my sophomore year, I continued to study Latin with Dr. Foster. During this past year, I have continued my Latin studies on my own as I tutored for this year's Latin classes, and I have met weekly with Dr. Foster in order to read and translate Vergil's Aeneid. In the fall, I will be participating in the Latin III class. 

I am preparing to teach Latin in the fall by continuing to read Latin and crafting a syllabus and lesson plans for the class. I meet with Dr. Foster regularly in order to revise and finalize the syllabus and lesson plans.


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