Center for Community Research & Evaluation Services

 Allyson Drinkard, Michael Vimont and Nancy Udolph

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Director: Allyson Drinkard, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice & Sociology
Director: Michael Vimont, Ph.D., LISW-S, Associate Professor of Social Work
Community Liaison: Nancy Udolph, LISW-S, PCC-S, Associate Professor of Social Work

Mission Statement

We provide practical and high quality applied research and evaluation services to social service agencies, administrations, and organizations that aim to improve the well-being of residents in Ashland, Wayne, and Richland counties and surrounding communities.  We provide hands-on, real world opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to develop community connections and increase marketable job skills in social science research and evaluation.

How Can CCRES at AU Help You?

Because many agencies (especially those located in rural areas) do not have the resources and/or expertise to support internal evaluations of their social programs or have funding sources that require an external evaluation of programs, CCRES offers the following ways to help you achieve your research and evaluation goals:

  • Conduct objective and scholarly program evaluations that are tailored to meet requirements set forth by your funding sources and strategic partners
  • Collect valid and reliable evidence to measure your program’s processes and outcomes
  • Assist with interpretation of data and use evidence-based information to guide you in program decision making
  • Provide consultation in the writing of grants and other requests for funding
  • Serve as the research and evaluation partner/consultant for your grant-funded initiatives
  • Construct surveys that measure need, level of satisfaction, the impact of intervention, or studies relationships of multiple variables
  • Develop logic models that bring together planning, evaluation, and actionable recommendations
  • Educate your staff, agency, administration, organization, and community about social science research, program evaluation, data analysis, and statistical reporting

Types of Research & Evaluation Services CCRES at AU Can Provide

  • Formative/Needs Assessments
  • Process Evaluations
  • Outcome/Impact Evaluations
  • Program Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Survey Design and Data Collection
  • Research Design and Data Analysis
  • Research and Evaluation Partner
  • Consultant on Grant Applications
  • Community Presentations and Reports