Criminal Justice Club

The Criminal Justice Club of Ashland University will conduct activities which will add to the intellectual, cultural and social development of the students majoring in Criminal Justice at Ashland University.

Advisor Name: Dr. Jeffrey Spelman

Phone: ext. 5341


Second Amendment Club

The Ashland University Second Amendment Club will seek to develop the physical and mental skills needed to excel in marksmanship while stressing the required safe handling of a firearm. Additionally, the club will foster social interactions and development of skills through the sponsorship and attendance of competitive shooting events.

Advisor Name: Michael Barrett

Phone: ext. 5348


“Ashland University has transformed me from an adolescent to an adult in just four short years. Much of this transformation is due to the University’s dedication to helping others.” -- Christina Bohuslawsky, Seven Hills, Ohio, who completed an internship at Ashland County Juvenile Detention Center.