The art faculty at Ashland University appreciates the full range of ceramic form and encourages the innovation and progress of the clay medium. Students are exposed to methods that service both functional and sculptural creation. Instruction focuses on work habits and self-criticism, as well as the development of an awareness of current and historic efforts in the field. Those students interested in the technical aspects of the medium are encouraged to aid in the use of the kilns and in the creating of clay bodies and glazes. These skills are meant to enhance a student’s understanding of their medium, prepare them for working in their own studios or in educational fields, and facilitate fine-tuned expression.

Ceramics Facilities and Equipment

  • Clay and Glaze materials that cover a range of temperature, color and surface
  • Electric wheels
  • Kick Wheels
  • 24” Slab Roller
  • An Extruder
  • Clay mixer
  • Spray Booth
  • Compressor
  • Gas-fired updraft kiln
  • numerous electric kilns