Careers In Toxicology


Ashland University's programs in toxicology and environmental science provide an excellent background for many exciting and rewarding career pathways. Many students choose to continue their studies, entering graduate programs in toxicology, pharmacology, forensic science, environmental science or other biological disciplines. Others use their toxicology major to enter medical school, pharmacy school or veterinary school.

After graduation from Ashland's toxicology program, individuals will also be qualified to work in both laboratory and administrative positions for a wide variety of employers.

In industry, career opportunities are found in agricultural, chemical, cosmetic, food, insurance, pharmaceutical, petroleum firms and in contract testing laboratories.

These firms need toxicologists to obtain data on safety of chemical products before they can be marketed, and to assess environmental impact of their operations.

In government, toxicologists have the opportunity to contribute to development of regulations protecting human health and the environment. Agencies which participate in this process include the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the Food and Drug Administration.

Also, jobs are available at many of the major research universities that conduct basic research in toxicology. The Career Development Center at Ashland University, working in conjunction with the biology and toxicology department, provides support in a student's job search.