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benway Chuck Benway

207, Kettering Science Building

Chuck Benway teaches AP Chemistry and Physics at Ashland High School, and has been teaching for 24 years. He teaches Molecular Architecture and Physics I Laboratory for Ashland University as an adjunct instructor.  Chuck is co-founder of AHS’s Lunch Bunch, which focuses on teaching students about making connections and developing a positive school culture.  He has been married for 25 years and has two children, both... Read More

Dr. Robert Bergosh, Associate Professor Dr. Robert Bergosh
Associate Professor of Chemistry
422 , Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University in 2005 and area of expertise is organic chemistry Teaches courses and labs in general chemistry, molecular architecture and organic chemistry

headshot.jpg Dr. Steven Boyer
Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
130, Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University in 2017    Current research interest is developing new catalysts to degrade organic pollutants

Dr. Nigel Brush, Professor of Geology Dr. Nigel Brush
Professor of Geology
421 , Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University in 2000 Areas of research include geoarchaeology, dendrochronology and millennial-scale climate change events Co-director of the Ashland/Wooster/Columbus Archaeological & Geological Consortium and former curator and co-founder of the Killbuck Valley Natural History Museum

Dr. Rebecca Corbin Dr. Rebecca Corbin
Professor of Chemistry, Chair, Chemistry, Geology and Physics Department
423 , Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University in 2001 Named Outstanding Female Faculty Member of the Year in 2003 Received a national undergraduate teaching award from Iota Sigma Pi in 2007 Teaches analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and Natural Science Core courses. Expertise includes mass spectrometry and chromatography

Dr. Perry Corbin, Professor of Chemistry Dr. Perry Corbin
Professor of Chemistry
420 , Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University in 2001 Enjoys teaching a variety of courses – including general chemistry, molecular architecture, and organic chemistry -- as well as working with undergraduate students on research projects in the general areas of organic and polymer chemistry Current research projects involving his students include the chemical synthesis and study of polymers that have potential for use in biomedical... Read More

kerri_hanna.jpeg Kerri Hanna
Chemistry/Biochemistry Laboratory Supervisor
405, Kettering Science Building
Kerri Hanna joined Ashland University as the Chemistry/Biochemistry Laboratory Supervisor in 2017. She is an alumna of the university obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology in 2007. After graduation she worked as a Radiochemist in the ADME/DMPK department of Charles River (formerly known as WIL Research).

Dr. Nicholas Johnson, Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry Dr. Nicholas Johnson
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
416, Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University faculty in 2015 and his area of expertise includes the synthesis of novel inorganic compounds as well as multinuclear NMR techniques Currently, he and his students’ research is focused on the synthesis of inorganic compounds for biomedical applications.   

mazzocco Beth Mazzocco

207, Kettering Science Building

Beth Mazzocco, adjunct instructor of geology, started teaching at AU in 2008. She has taught courses in meteorology and climate, earth science, environmental science, and mathematics. In addition to college instructing, Beth has worked as a forecaster and producer at two local television affiliates in Columbus and as a forecaster at a private meteorology firm in Cleveland. In her free time, she enjoys reading,... Read More

Dr. Rodney Michael, Associate Professor Dr. Rodney Michael
Associate Professor of Physics
206 , Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University faculty in 1997 Has done research in the fields of neutrino physics, nuclear and particle astrophysics and acoustics Serves on the board of governors for the Discovery school and takes a strong interest in gifted education

Dr. Brian Mohney, Professor Dr. Brian Mohney
Professor of Chemistry
417 , Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University faculty in 1999 and serves as professor of Chemistry Current research interest is in the area of in situ measurement of phytotoxic chemicals, the diffusion of these chemicals in soil and their interactions on plant roots  

Trina Mohney, Professional Instructor Trina Mohney
Professional Instructor
415 , Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University faculty in 2011 and serves as professional instructor Previously performed research in the department of molecular neurogenetics at Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Bill Reinthal, Adjunct Professor of Geology Dr. Bill Reinthal
Adjunct Professor of Geology
207, Kettering Science Building
Bill Reinthal graduated from the College of Wooster with a degree in geology, and went on to complete his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in economic geology.  He has worked in both the oil and minerals industries, but his dissertation research was centered on the geochemical constraints on precious metal accumulations in supracrustal environments. Teaching geology, he takes a holistic approach to... Read More

Brenda Rodeback, Administrative Assistant Brenda Rodeback
Administrative Assistant
221 , Kettering Science Building
Mrs. Brenda Rodeback joined Ashland University as the administrative assistant to the departments of biology/toxicology/environmental science and chemistry/geology/physics in September 1999. She is currently the administrative assistant for the departments of biology/toxicology/environmental science, chemistry/geology/physics, psychology, criminal justice, sociology and social work. She has an associate’s degree in... Read More

Dwight Souder Dwight Souder

207, Kettering Science Building

Dwight Souder joins the Department of Chemistry, Geology, and Physics as an adjunct professor where he will be instructing some of the Physics and Chemistry labs.  Dwight Souder has been a teacher at Crestview High School for over 20 years where he as been teaching Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, and a STEM course of RC Aeronautics.  He has also taught 3D Graphic Design (Rhino3D) for the students at the Hong... Read More

Dr. Jeffrey Weidenhamer, Professor Dr. Jeffrey Weidenhamer
Trustees’ Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
419 , Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University in 1989 and teaches General Chemistry, courses in analytical chemistry and core science courses including Science as a Cultural Force and Lead and Civilization Has mentored more than 50 undergraduate students in research projects Research interests include the development of methods for analysis of plant root exudates in soil, and the contamination of consumer products with heavy metals... Read More