Music Auditions & Admissions

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Admission to the Department of Music requires an entrance audition which also determines a variety of talent-based scholarships for majors, minors and participants.  For strong scholarship consideration, all scholarship auditions must be completed by March 18 prior to the proposed academic year of enrollment. All department majors, minors and ensemble participants are eligible, but a limited number of awards are available.

Prospective students must complete the formal Ashland University application process and be accepted to the University before they can be awarded a scholarship. It is highly recommended that students complete the Ashland University Application for Admission prior to an audition.  Please refer to the checklist page for details about applying to the Department of Music and for auditioning information which includes:

Ensemble auditions for students not completing a scholarship audition are held in summer and fall; contact the ensemble director or email for more information. No audition is required for Marching Band.

Music placement testing takes place after admission to the music program, but before the start of classes.  Placement testing is typically completed during summer.  The placement tests do not affect admissions decisions.

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