Majors & Programs

Bachelor of Arts with a major in Music

The major in music provides a thorough education in music within the context of a liberal arts education. Studies include music performance, history and literature, music theory and aural... Read More

Bachelor of Music in Music Education

The music education major provides professional preparation for students who desire to become music teachers. Students in the program benefit from our strong emphasis on individual mentoring,... Read More

Bachelor of Music with a major in Music Performance

The Bachelor of Music with a major in Music Performance is for students what want pre-professional training focused on musical performance. Students must show a high level of preparation on their major instrument or voice,....Read More

Minor in Music

The minor in music is designed for students majoring in another field to take an introductory cross section of music courses to compete their minor requirements. Students majoring in a program that does not require a minor are also permitted to complete the music minor. There are two music minor programs available; the Applied Music Minor, which emphasizes the performance area, and the Music Minor, which is more general. Students majoring in Theatre who choose the Musical Theatre Track must complete the Applied Music Minor, with Voice as the major instrument. An audition is required to enroll in the Music Minor program.


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