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Best of Luck to Our Majors Presenting at 2019 URCA!

The History and Political Science Department wishes its majors the best of luck as they present their work at the 2019 CAS Undergraduate Research and… Read more

Democracy needs Education in Ideas

David Smith, a lecturer in American history at Baylor University, wrote an interesting column for the The Dallas Morning News on May 11, 2018. Here's… Read more

Advanced Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) DROP-IN SESSION

Learn more about ATIC at this “Come & Go” session. Wednesday, April 18 from 1:30 – 3 p.m. Ronk Lecture Hall, Schar College of Education… Read more

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with Margaret Cogar, John Moser, Rebecca Schmeller, Jeffrey Weidenhamer What...Read more

Faculty Spotlight

cara rogers
Cara Rogers is an assistant professor of history at Ashland University, where she teaches courses on the Age of Enlightenment, American history from the colonial...Read more

Student Spotlight

International Political Studies, 2013
Kyle Laughlin completed an internship at the U.S. American Presence Post, in Lyon, France. He maintained a calendar of events, worked with “America House” to...Read more

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Dr. David Foster, Chair
122 Andrews

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History & Political Science

Understanding and engaging with the greatest questions and best minds of the past is key to becoming a truly educated citizen. As you learn about how people thought and acted in different times and places, you will gain perspectives and develop such essential qualities as confidence and humility, which will prepare you to be a leader in your own time, whether in business, as a practitioner and fashioner of the law, or as a scholar and educator. Read More

Why should you choose History & Political Science at Ashland University?

  • Rather than textbooks, you’ll study primary sources such as the speeches of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King as well as the poems of Homer.
  • You’ll learn in a conversational classroom, not by lecture.
  • You’ll get to know your professors well in a small classroom setting. Read More

Faculty Who Are Great Teachers

  • Professors are deeply involved with students, not only getting to know them well in class, but also serving as advisors on senior theses and research.
  • Professors are actively involved in the study of history and are currently conducting research on American foreign policy, Thucydides, Winston Churchill and the American Civil Rights movement.
  • Professors teach every class in a seminar-style format that encourages the sharing of ideas.

Gain Real World Experience

Students are encouraged to undertake internships, which often open up career opportunities. Recent students have:

  • Participated in historical re-enactments in Colonial Williamsburg
  • Interned at the Ashland Historical Society
  • Prepared displays, guided tours and done research at Fort Meigs, Ohio’s War of 1812 battlefield

Some of the Interesting Classes You May Take

  • American History Through the Civil War — Explore the creation and development of a distinctively American civilization.
  • Ancient Greece — Examine the political, military and intellectual history of Ancient Greece, emphasizing the developments that have most influenced the Greco-Roman tradition in Western culture.
  • Age of Enlightenment — Study the intellectual and political reformation that swept Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. Focuses on the revolution in modern natural science, the rise and fall of absolute government, the growth of the English constitution and the development of a new liberal philosophy.

In Their Own Words

See what people are saying about our programs.
Ashland University's History and Political Science departments, with the Ashbrook Scholar Program, helped equip me with the tools to conduct serious research and analysis, and taught me how to use what I learn from the past to inform my positions on contemporary policies. There was a special... more
Rebecca Heinrichs – Class of 2004
Clayton Hrinko
It seems a cliché to say that my time in the History and Political Science department was life-changing, but it simply was. When I first came to Ashland, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I only knew that I was interested in history, and so I minored in it. But this department... more
Clayton Hrinko, Class of 2017
The History and Political Science department at Ashland University changed the course of my life. The professors in the department made great ideas, great books, and great events come alive. They inspired me to become a professor myself, and their training prepared me exceptionally well for... more
Joe Postell – Class of 2001
Because of Ashland University's History and Political Science department, I am getting an excellent education. The professors are wise and friendly and they encourage me to become successful in the future. They also inspire thoughtful discussion among students inside and outside the classroom... more
Hannah Curtis – Class of 2015
I came to Ashland University specifically because of the great History and Political Science department. With a focus on original texts, the classes are rich and engaging in more of a conversation style than a typical lecture setting. But the History and Political Science department goes... more
Jaclyn Horn – Class of 2015
I loved my time at Ashland! The professors in the History and Political Science department were exceptional. They are extremely personable, very knowledgeable about their field of study and they really care about their students. One distinctive about Ashland University’s History and... more
Erin Sutter – Class of 2013
The History and Political Science department at Ashland is simply wonderful. The faculty are truly great instructors, but more importantly, they are always eager to converse with students on any number of topics both inside and outside of the classroom. They focus their courses on primary... more
Lindsey Grudnicki – Class of 2013
The History and Political Science department at Ashland University provides a unique and invaluable opportunity for students to engage with both professors and primary source documents. It is a far cry from the 'traditional' textbooks and lectures that students might envision.
Marc Zimmerman – Class of 2013
The History and Political Science department's emphasis on using primary source documents has made study not only more fruitful but also more enjoyable. During my time in the program, I have learned the important skill of exegeting a text, and this skill has proved immensely helpful in my... more
Philip Schaffer - Class of 2014
The political science department at Ashland has an outstanding great books based curriculum. The faculty is expert in properly opening those books to interested students. Ashland cultivated my understanding of politics in a way that not only strengthened my civic affections; it also showed me... more
Tim Haglund – Class of 2010