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Why Philosophy?

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Why Choose ASHLAND for Philosophy?

  • The AU Philosophy Department consists of 100%, full-time, tenured, and research-experienced faculty who are completely hands-on in the classroom.  This demonstrates the commitment our faculty have to the success of our students.
  • The Philosophy major requires only 24 hours, so you have the opportunity to add a double major or a minor and enhance your learning and career prospects.  Philosophy is a program that adds significant qualitative value to your educational experience.

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Teaching Kids Philosophy

Philosophers have always known that logic, critical thinking, and proper value judgements are the foundations of a productive and educated society. Every discipline that we… Read more

2016-2017 PST Inductees!

Ashland University's PHI SIGMA TAU, Ohio Mu Chapter , honors students who have demonstrated academic excellence in philosophy. Membership is by invitation , based on… Read more

New Technology for an Old Dilemma

Most philosophers are familiar with the Trolley Problem . It's a theoretical scenario where our moral intuitions are tested: Can we provide a moral reason… Read more

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Administrative Assistant:
Kari Lindecamp
203 Center for Humanities, Bixler (CFHB)


Department e-mail: au-philosophy@ashland.edu

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Alumni Spotlight

Ashland Philosophy alumnus Matthew Mingus
Matthew D. Mingus is a 2008 graduate of Ashland University, where he majored in history, philosophy, and political science. After completing his undergraduate...Read more

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Mancha
Dr. Louis A. Mancha, Jr. is an associate professor of philosophy, specializing in medieval and early modern philosophy and philosophy of religion. He received his...Read more

Welcome to the Philosophy Department!

Philosophy: Love of Wisdom.  Get some!

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It's one thing to make a living, and another to learn how to live well...The study of Philosophy can help you to do both.

Philosophy equips you to analyze, think creatively, and critically examine your beliefs and those of others.  It expands your conceptual horizons.  You consider profound questions and in the process develop intellectual tools to expand your understanding.  Through your study, you also will gain fundamental communication skills and problem solving abilities that will help you succeed in a wide range of fields and occupations, or in graduate school.


What is Philosophy For?

Questions! Questions!! Questions!!!

Consider each of the following questions:

  • If the President of the United States reserves the sole right to authorize torture, and if all legitimate governmental powers derive from the governed, then doesn’t it follow that I must have the right to torture?  If so, what are the exact conditions under which I may torture my roommate (please, wait one moment while I grab an extra sheet of paper, since I have to imagine that the list is quite long)?
  • If you cheat in class or in sports and you don’t get caught, aren’t you way ahead of people who don’t cheat or people who do cheat and do get caught?  Isn’t it better to be a clever cheater than an honest loser?
  •  If God exists depending on whether I believe in him or not, then doesn’t that sort of make me a god, since my wishes bring divine beings into and out of existence?  And if this is true, is there any way that I can avoid the horrible implication that my brother is also a god?
  •  What is love anyway?

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