College Credit Plus - English Curriculum

The Department of English offers a College Credit Plus curriculum for high school teachers who have a master's degree and are interested in earning the required 18 credit hours of content to teach English composition and introductory literature courses.

18 Credit Hour Curriculum

ENG 604 The English Renaissance 3 credits
ENG 605 Creative Writing Workshop 3 credits
ENG 610 Romantic Movement and Victorian Literature 3 credits
ENG 625 Major Writers Seminar 3 credits
ENG 628 American Literature 3 credits
ENG 651 Composition and Rhetoric Pedagogy 3 credits

Courses are delivered 100% online in an asynchronous format allowing for flexible schedules.  Courses are scheduled on an 8 week format.  The full-time high school teacher completing one course per 8 week term will complete the 18 hours in Content in 1 year.

For more information, please contact Graduate Admissions at 419.289.5738