English Department Faculty and Staff

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Lindsay Brandon-Smith
Administrative Assistant
203, Center for the Humanities of Bixler Hall
Lindsay Brandon-Smith joined Ashland University in 2018 as the administrative assistant for English, Foreign Language, Philosophy and Religion departments. She lives in Ashland with her husband and daughter.

Hilary Donatini Dr. Hilary Donatini
Chair, English Department, Associate Professor of English
306, Center for the Humanities of Bixler Hall
Joined Ashland University faculty in 2007 Teaches courses such as history of English language, 18th-Century English literature, 17th-Century English literature, themes and topics in literature, studies in Shakespeare, The Poem, British Literature and Composition I and II Research areas include British Literature 1660-1800, Historical and philosophical contexts for literature, Genre and form, and Histories and... Read More

fleming deb Deborah Fleming
Professor of English, Editor and Director of Ashland Poetry Press
308 , Center for the Humanities of Bixler Hall
Joined Ashland University faculty in 1993 and serves as editor and director of Ashland Poetry Press Teaches courses in Creative Writing, Literature and Composition Research interests are W. B. Yeats, Robinson Jeffers, Anglo-Irish literature, modern poetry and environmentalist literature Author of “Into a New Country,” a 2016 collection of free verse and formalist poems published by Cherry Grove Collections; “Without... Read More

Dr. Maura Grady Dr. Maura Grady
Associate Professor of English, Director of English Composition Program
316, Center for the Humanities of Bixler Hall
Joined Ashland University faculty in 2011 and serves as assistant professor of English as well as director of English Composition Program Teaches courses in American Literature, Composition, Global Film, Writer's Workshop: Screenwriting, Writer's Laboratory, Literature and Film, Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar: Film Tourism, and Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar: History and Film  Fields of study include... Read More

Christian Kiefer, Ashland MFA Director Dr. Christian Kiefer
Director of the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing
101, Center for the Humanities of Bixler Hall

Joined Ashland University as the new director of the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in January 2017 He is the author of The Infinite Tides (Bloomsbury), The Animals (W.W. Norton), One Day Soon Time Will Have No Place Left to Hide  (Nouvella Books), Kingdom of Wolves (Liveright / W.W. Norton), and Phantoms: A Novel (Liveright/W.W. Norton), in addition to other works in poetry, fiction, and drama Kiefer's... Read More

Dan Lehman Dan Lehman
Trustee's Professor Emeritus

Daniel W. Lehman is trustees’ distinguished professor Emeritus of English. He is author of John Reed and the Writing of Revolution (Ohio University Press) and Matters of Fact: Reading Nonfiction over the Edge (Ohio State University Press); co-editor of The River Teeth Reader (University of Nebraska Press) and River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative; and series co-editor of the River Teeth Literary Nonfiction... Read More

Dr. Joe Mackall Dr. Joe Mackall
Retired Professor of English
, Center for the Humanities of Bixler Hall

Joined Ashland University faculty in 1996 and serves as director of the creative writing program Co-founder of River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative and co-editor of the River Teeth, Literary Nonfiction Book Prize Series in partnership with the University of New Mexico Press Author of The Last Street Before Cleveland: An Accidental Pilgrimage (University of Nebraska Press, 2006); Plain Secrets: An Outsider... Read More

Dr. Sharleen Mondal Dr. Sharleen Mondal
Associate Professor of English
302, Center for the Humanities of Bixler Hall
Joined Ashland University faculty in 2011 Teaches courses involving themes of race, gender, class, and sexuality in literature and film Currently writing a novel focusing on South Asian immigrant experiences in the United States Interdisciplinary scholar of race, gender, sexuality, and empire, focusing on Victorian and South Asian literature Director of the Ashland University Research and Writing Community which... Read More

Dr. Naomi Saslaw Dr. Naomi Saslaw
Professor of English
314, Center for the Humanities of Bixler Hall
Joined Ashland University faculty in 1969 and serves as professor of English In recent years she has pursued an interest in modern Jewish literature In addition to her work in Anglo-Saxon, Chaucer and Shakespeare, she earned a J.D. at Cleveland Marshall College of Law where she served on Law Review and began work on biomedical ethics A grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities provided an opportunity to... Read More

Dr. Jayne Waterman Dr. Jayne Waterman
Associate Professor of English
312, Center for the Humanities of Bixler Hall
Joined Ashland University faculty in 2006 and specializes in nineteenth-century, twentieth-century and contemporary American literature and culture with an emphasis on modernism Teaches courses such as American Literature III: Realism to Modernism; American Literature IV: 1945 to the Present; The American Literary Experience; The Modern Novel; The Modern Drama; the Contemporary American Studies Seminar; Honors... Read More

Dr. Russell Weaver, Professor Dr. Russell Weaver
Professor of English
310 , Center for the Humanities of Bixler Hall
Joined Ashland University faculty in 1986 and teaches courses in Romantic and Victorian British literature; Greek literature; 19th century Russian Novel (War and Peace and The Brothers Karamazov) Offers a rotating set of major writers seminars on Dostoevsky, Shakespeare, Melville/Conrad, Austen and Hemingway Has published Questioning Keats: An Introduction to Applied Hermeneutics in 2006, The Moral World of Billy... Read More