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Dr. Jenna Dolhi, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Jenna Dolhi Binder
Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology
130, Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University faculty in 2016 Teaches in the area of biology, including Microbiology, Nursing Microbiology and Cell Biology Dissertation research was on cold adaptation of photosynthetic green algae in permanently ice-covered Antarctic lakes Current research is in microbial diversity and interactions between microorganisms within aquatic systems

Dr. Soren Brauner, Professor Dr. Soren Brauner
Professor of Biology
322 , Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University in 1986 and teaches courses in plants and civilization, molecular and cellular basis of life, general botany, genetics, advanced genetics, environmental science seminar and issues in environmental science Area of expertise is in plant genetics and evolution and recent work has involved the use of DNA markers as tools for genetic analysis in wild plants and in garden pea Current research... Read More

Dr. Nigel Brush, Professor of Geology Dr. Nigel Brush
Professor of Geology
421 , Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University in 2000 Areas of research include geoarchaeology, dendrochronology and millennial-scale climate change events Co-director of the Ashland/Wooster/Columbus Archaeological & Geological Consortium and former curator and co-founder of the Killbuck Valley Natural History Museum

Dolly Crawford Dr. Dolly Crawford
Assistant Professor of Biology
325, Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University in 2014 and teaches courses in anatomy and physiology, general biology, field zoology, geographical information systems and vertebrate biology Students in the Crawford Lab explore a variety of questions related to wildlife ecology and animal physiology with the ultimate goal of research being to present and publish scientific studies that help “move the needle” on our understanding of... Read More

Dr. Doug Dawson Dr. Doug Dawson
Professor of Biology/Toxicology
318 , Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University faculty in 1993 Currently teaches courses in anatomy and physiology, advanced human physiology, pharmacology and toxicology Conducts research with students in area of toxicology

Dr. Mason Posner, Professor, Chair Dr. Mason Posner
Professor of Biology
320, Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University faculty in 1999 and teaches courses in Human Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Zoology, Evolution, Marine Biology, and Molecular Biology Involves students in research in his labs using molecular biology techniques to understand how eye lens proteins adapt to changes in environmental temperature Students currently investigating the evolution and biological role of lens proteins called... Read More

Brenda Rodeback, Administrative Assistant Brenda Rodeback
Administrative Assistant
221 , Kettering Science Building
Mrs. Brenda Rodeback joined Ashland University as the administrative assistant to the departments of biology/toxicology/environmental science and chemistry/geology/physics in September 1999. She is currently the administrative assistant for the departments of biology/toxicology/environmental science, chemistry/geology/physics, psychology, criminal justice, sociology and social work. She has an associate’s degree in... Read More

Dr. Patricia Saunders, Associate Professor Dr. Patricia Saunders
Associate Professor of Biology, Director of the Environmental Science Program
324 , Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University faculty in 2002 Area of expertise is aquatic ecology Teaches courses in biology, ecology and environmental science Since joining AU, has directed many students doing independent research projects related to the ecology of a local lake and ponds at the Black Fork Wetlands Preserve

Merrill Tawse, Professional Instructor Merrill Tawse
Professional Instructor of Biology
323, Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University faculty in 2010 and serves as professional instructor of biology teaching Ecology and the Human Environment; Organisms, Adaptations and Physiology; Labs in Costa Rica; Entomology; Human Anatomy & Physiology for Nursing Students; and Environmental Science Seminar Work with students in field research focuses on polyploidy in Ambystomid salamanders and projects via radio-telemetry in... Read More

Dr. Andrew Trimble, Associate Professor Dr. Andrew Trimble
Associate Professor of Biology/Toxicology
326, Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University faculty in 2009 and serves as associate professor of Biology/Toxicology Teaches courses such as Drugs, Poisons, Pollutants and the Human Perception of Risk;  Principles of Toxicology; and Methods in Toxicology Research interests include examining the effects of pesticide contaminant mixtures and saline deicing agents to freshwater aquatic organisms in the environment Has previously been the... Read More

Dr. Jeffrey Weidenhamer, Professor Dr. Jeffrey Weidenhamer
Trustees’ Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
419 , Kettering Science Building
Joined Ashland University in 1989 and teaches General Chemistry, courses in analytical chemistry and core science courses including Science as a Cultural Force and Lead and Civilization Has mentored more than 50 undergraduate students in research projects Research interests include the development of methods for analysis of plant root exudates in soil, and the contamination of consumer products with heavy metals... Read More