Environmental Science - Chemistry

Earn your degree in one of the most in-demand scientific fields of study.

An Environmental Science major at Ashland University is an interdisciplinary foundation in sciences suited to a broad range of promising career options. Our environmental science majors focusing on chemistry receive best possible preparation for graduate studies or the workplace.

Environmental Science is interdisciplinary because environmental issues are interdisciplinary. Want an example? Think of the Gulf oil spill! How will this environmental change proceed, how will it affect organisms and ecosystems, and how do these changes affect human populations? Right now biologists, chemists, and geologists are working together with a broad range of professionals in engineering, economics, and policy to understand and manage this far-reaching problem.

What You’ll Love About the Environmental Science Program:

  • Personal attention from professors
  • Professors who are committed to excellence in teaching
  • Emphasis on development of strong writing and research skills
  • A new 2,500 square foot greenhouse and expanded research facilities
  • Undergraduates work with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Environmental Lecture Series offers opportunities to network with professionals
  • Year-round lecture series in Biology/Toxicology and Chemistry/Geology/Physics
  • Five environmental preserves used by classes and for directed-research projects
  • Opportunities to undertake research as early as your freshman year
  • Many students present their research findings at professional conferences
  • Opportunities for grant-supported full-time summer research internships

Gain Real World Experience

Students are encouraged to seek out science internships and job experience. Our students take advantage of a wide range of opportunities, both on and off campus.

  • Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) partners with Ashland to provide internship opportunities.
  • Ashland is a member of the Northeast Ohio Biology Consortium, whose members offer many internship opportunities for our students.
  • The Merck Foundation/AAAS currently funds a summer research experience grant that supports on-campus research in environmental science and other biology/chemistry interdisciplinary projects.
  • Environmental science faculty have NSF- and NIH-funded research programs that involve undergraduates in full-time summer research projects at Ashland University
  • Many of our students choose to participate in the National Science Foundation's Research Experience for Undergraduates Program, which supports well-paid summer internships focused on a variety of disciplines at universities around the country.
  • Other recent summer research internships have included the Ohio EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Reach Your Career Goals

An environmental science degree prepares you for employment or graduate study in a diverse range of promising fields. As a graduate from Ashland, you will have the skills necessary to tackle new challenges and opportunities as they develop in your professional future!

  • Our Ashland University graduates work for state and federal government agencies, universities and nature centers, environmental service labs and other businesses that need science skills and in-depth understanding of environmental issues.

Professors Who Are Highly Regarded Scientists

  • Professors in the Environmental Science program all hold Ph.D.s and are recognized experts in the field.
  • Professors are committed to educating and mentoring students. They teach all classes and labs personally, and never rely on graduate assistants. They serve as advisors throughout a student’s tenure at Ashland University
  • Professors are actively engaged in research, and students are actively encouraged to get involved with projects that interest them for credit, technical training, and experience with real-world scientific investigation.