Environmental Lecture Series

We've been offering the free Environmental Lectures Series since 1991, and we'd be happy to have you join us. All lectures will be at 7:30 p.m. in the Ronk Lecture Hall of the Schar College of Education.

Black Fork Wetlands Environmental Studies Center

This center hosts 300 acres, spanning several habitats for you to conduct research and view species like: beaver, trumpeter swans, bald eagles, soras, and sandhill cranes.


Preserves & Natural Areas

We manage five environmental preserves that support undergraduate and faculty research and habitat conservation. The Preserve Manager Is Dr. Richard Stoffer. Students may become involved in studies of the biological and physical attributes and processes that characterize these preserves. Each preserve contains unique habitat and wildlife and thus offers a variety of study opportunities.

Other Parks and Preserves in the Area

Rock and Ohio Flora Garden

The AU Rock and Ohio Flora Garden is located next to the SW entrance to the Kettering Science Center Building.  It includes examples of many rock types, as well as examples of native Ohio plants that work well as garden and landscaping plants.  The garden was made possible in 2007 by a donation from Dr. Elizabeth Richmond in memory of Samuel I. Richmond, whose efforts helped secure funding for the original Kettering Science Center building.

Learn more about the plant species in our garden:

Learn more about the rocks in our garden:

Library Resources Commonly Used by Science Majors

These resources are popular library databases that our science students choose to utilize semester after semester. NOTE: a student ID and password is required.

Off-Campus Paid Summer Internships


In addition to AU's financial aid program and Choose Ohio First scholarship program for science majors, there are other organizations interested in supporting the education and training of environmental science students in particular.