AU in Costa Rica


From ten-day group faculty-led tours to academic-year independent travel study, the Study Abroad Office has study abroad opportunities that are right for you!

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Exchange Programs [Semester / Academic Year]

Spend a semester or academic year studying at one of AU's partner universities for the same tuition cost as AU. Major/minor courses as well as core courses are pre-approved. Locations include: France, South Korea, Taiwan, and Brazil.

AU Summer Programs [4-8 Weeks]

The Study Abroad Office offers three annual summer programs coordinated by our AU Faculty.

AU in Costa Rica

The best way to learn a language is through an immersion experience. AU in Costa Rica offers students the opportunity to study Spanish for 4-8 weeks, live with a host family, visit exciting sites and even receive customized Spanish language instruction for their particular career field.

AU in France

Students spend six weeks in Annecy, France and earn six credit hours of French language. Pariticipants live with a host family and participate in a variety of excursions.

COBE in Taiwan

The College of Business and Economics (COBE) offers students the opportunity to spend six weeks in Taiwan and learn basic Chinese Language, take the course Doing Business in Taiwan and participate in company site visits.

AU in Germany

AU in Germany offers students the opportunity to take two core courses taught by AU Faculty and travel. Students spend one week in Ashland and then travel with faculty members to Wittenberg, Germany for three weeks.

Faculty-Led Tours [1-3 Weeks]

Each year Ashland University coordinates faculty-led tours to locations all over the world from England to Africa to China. These academic programs allow students to accompany one or more faculty members as they explore a focused topic that uses the destination as the classroom. Past tours have included "Culture and Cuisine of Ireland," "Europe in Balance: Winston Churchill & WWII," "African Literature in South Africa," "Legacy of Peter and Paul in Italy" and many more!

Student Teaching Abroad [6 Weeks]

The College of Education offers pre-service teachers the opportunity to complete their student teaching requirement outside of Ohio. Students are assigned to either a local or international school that utilizes English as the language of instruction. International locations include: Australia, Bahamas, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, South Africa and Taiwan. Important Financial Note: On-Campus students who will no longer be living in the residence halls might have their financial aid adjusted. Make an appointment with Pam Stimpert, Associate Director of Financial Aid, for details by calling 1-800-882-1548 ext. 5002.

Additional Pre-Approved Programs [Summer / Semester / Academic Year]

Ashland University has pre-approved programs offered by the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS), the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) and Spanish Studies Abroad. Summer, semester and academic-year programs are available in a variety of locations. To explore all programs, visit