Student Organizations

Foreign Language Co-Curricular Organizations

As a student of French or Spanish, get involved in your department and participate actively in its co-curricular organizations.  In those student groups, you will continue learning outside of the classroom and expand your academic experience while having fun and meeting new people.


Language Clubs

Join the French Club and/or Spanish Club.  The clubs provide fun and educational activities that support the language you are studying: movies, music, games, food, cultural programs, and more!  Meet people who share your interest in the language and culture.  Students at all levels of study are welcome.


Phi Sigma Iota, International Foreign Language Honor Society

Work hard in your studies and you will be rewarded with membership in the prestigious honor society Phi Sigma Iota.  Eligibility requirements include: junior status, a B average in both your foreign language course and general studies, and completion of at least one 300-level course at A.U.  The society sponsors activities designed to promote language learning and greater cultural understanding: films, guest lecturers, study sessions, and more.  Initiation of new members and recognition of graduating seniors takes place each spring. 

Contact: Dr. Jennifer Rathbun


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