Study Abroad

Intro: Study abroad is an integral part of your experience as a language student at Ashland University. It is a life-changing experience that will enhance your language skills, cultural knowledge, and global competency. Programs are available for basic language students as well as majors and minors. In fact, most of our majors study abroad twice – a shorter, summer session plus a semester-long program. We have partners in a variety of countries and you can choose a program that fits your own personal preferences and needs.

We work closely with the Global Education Office to provide the best experience possible.  Visit its website for detailed information about the entire study abroad process, including financial information and suggestions for marketing your experience upon your return.


Study Abroad in French-Speaking Countries – We currently work with programs in Canada (Quebec) and France.
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Dr. Richard Gray


Study Abroad in Spanish-Speaking Countries - We currently work with programs in Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and Spain.  
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AU in Costa Rica        


Dr. Barbara Schmidt-Rinehart – Costa Rica

Dr. Jennifer Rathbun – Argentina, Chile, Ecuador

Dr. William Cummins - Spain