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Watch the above video and learn what classes are like in the Ashbrook Scholar Program.

Ashbrook Scholar Program

The Ashbrook Scholarship is a $2,000 annual and renewable scholarship to Ashland University awarded solely on merit to the most promising students interested in studying politics and history. But it’s so much more than that.

There is a sense of honor attached to being called an “Ashbrook Scholar” because one must work hard to win and keep the title. In the course of their four years at Ashland University, Ashbrook Scholars from across the nation undertake a program of courses and activities that challenge their mettle as students and bring out the best qualities of their character.

The broader purpose of the Ashbrook Scholar Program is to educate principled leaders for America’s future by teaching the principles of free government and promoting the civic virtue necessary to maintain it.

The Ashbrook Scholar Program has achieved a national reputation as one of the finest programs for undergraduate students due to the quality of the students it attracts, the superb faculty who teach them in the classroom, and the dedicated staff who devote an extraordinary amount of time to them outside the classroom. These factors, coupled with a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes the reading of original historical texts and documents, come together to form an undergraduate program in politics and history that cannot be found anywhere else.

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