International Political Studies

Want to take an active role on the international stage as a business person, in the diplomatic corps or even as a journalist? This major prepares you for several careers in this dynamic and important field.

Another distinct advantage of the program is the presence of the Ashbrook Center on campus. This independent organization, dedicated by President Ronald Reagan in 1983, sponsors presentations by key political figures on our campus. The opportunity to obtain a degree in International Political Studies in such an environment is unique in all the world.

What You’ll Love About the International Political Studies Major:

  • You’ll get lots of personal attention from your professors that simply would not be possible at a large state university. Our professors get to know you well.
  • Classes are not lectures, but rather conversational seminar type learning sessions that invite interaction and thoughtful discussion.
  • We do not use textbooks, but rather work from original texts and speeches given by the foremost international political figures. In this way, you learn to analyze issues and reach your own conclusions about an issue.
  • You have the opportunity to attend events sponsored by the Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs. Previous guest presenters include Edwin Meese, Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger and William Bennett among many others.
  • You will have the opportunity to write a senior thesis, working closely with your professor on your research and development.

Reach Your Career Goals

When you complete your major in International Political Studies you will be prepared to pursue positions in:

  • Government agencies
  • Diplomatic services
  • International business offices
  • International news reporting

Enhance your career options by adding:

  • Minor or double-major in journalism — Focus your career on reporting or writing about world events
  • Master of American History and Government – Add depth to your resume as you expand your understanding of our nation’s history and governmental processes

Professors With a Passion for Teaching

  • Professors work closely with students both in class and on their senior theses, which makes the experience highly valuable as preparation for graduate school or for your career.
  • Professors preside over all classes, which, instead of being lectures, are conversational, seminar-style gatherings that engage the entire class in discussion.
  • Professors themselves undertake research projects on important subjects such as Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, freedom of conscience and American foreign policy.

Interesting Classes You May Take

  • International Organization — Examine the historical movements toward world cooperation, including an evaluation of the League of Nations and a study of the United Nations as well as regional organizations established since World War II.
  • Russia and the Independent States — Explore the historical background of the Soviet Union, mainly since the Russian Revolution of 1917, tracing the evolution of the social, economic and political life of the people, with particular emphasis on the political system of the Soviet Union today.
  • China and the United States — Undertake a comparative analysis of the Chinese and American systems of government. 

Gain Real-World Experience

Every student is encouraged to undertake an internship, including those in government and politics. A number of students have located internships through the Ashbrook Center. Recent internships have included placement in the White House, in government in Columbus, Ohio, and working on political campaigns in both parties.

Organization for International Political Studies Majors

The Social Science Component

The Core Curriculum is a set of courses that all students at Ashland take in addition to and as a foundation for their particular major. Its purpose is to give you the broad background that a person needs to live well in our complex world, so that you can reason clearly, appreciate art and music, think about religion, and understand the past and the basic principles of and science. One part of this “common major,” the “Social Science” component, helps you to understand and evaluate how human beings live, both as individuals and in society. Political science makes a special contribution to this study by giving you the concepts and modes of thought needed to understand the fundamental role of government and politics in our lives.

Career Outlook for International Political Studies Majors

Because of the diverse possibilities open to students with a degree in International Political Studies, this discussion focuses on news reporting as a career path. Also keep in mind that international business, diplomacy and many other opportunities are also viable options. Experts predict a 10 percent increase in positions for reporters and editors between 2006 and 2016. These will include positions reporting on international personalities, news and events.