Biotechnology Concentration

Study the use of biological systems to make products in medicine and agriculture.

The Biotechnology program at Ashland University provides students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the growing and diverse biotechnology field, including careers directly out of the Bachelors program or advanced degrees in professional or graduate school. The program incorporates integrated coursework in biology, chemistry and business as well as independent research and internship opportunities.

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology involves the use of biological systems to make products for human use in areas such as medicine and agriculture, such as:

  • Development of new disease fighting drugs
  • Genetic manipulation of bacteria, plants and animals
  • Remediation of environmental damage
  • Discovery of sustainable energy sources

Why focus your major in Biotechnology?

The biotechnology industry is growing worldwide and has become a focus of economic development in the state of Ohio. The lack of sufficient numbers of students trained in science and technology fields has been identified as a serious issue for continuing development of biotechnology in Ohio and across the country. As a Biology major with a focus in Biotechnology you have the opportunity to contribute to the well being of society in a diverse number of growing career areas.

Why study Biotechnology at Ashland University?

In addition to the benefits of small class sizes, excellent faculty, new facilities and opportunities for independent research found in all of our majors, there are several specific benefits of the biotechnology program:

  • Ashland University’s membership in the Bioscience Consortium of Northeast Ohio gives you access to internship opportunities in the biotech industry of Northeast Ohio and valuable networking opportunities.
  • Students in the Biotechnology program that meet academic eligibility requirements are able to apply for Choose Ohio First Scholarships.
  • You will have access to the resources of Ashland University’s award-winning Burton D. Morgan Entrepreneurship Center to learn how research discoveries are translated into products that help society.

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