Interesting Classes You May Take at AU

  • 2-D Design — learn to use line, color, texture, shape, balance and rhythm to create compelling designs
  • Digital Art II - explore the creation of fine art in exciting time-based medias, such as video and 2-D and Stop-Motion Animation
  • Photography - you may elect to discover the world through the lens of a camera, learning about the tehnical, creative and historical aspects of digital photography
  • Other Studio Art Classes - get hands on with any of our art electives and give your commercial art an edge above the rest with your fine art background

Commercial Art

Get immersed in the arts and attain an excellent degree that is well respected in the business world.

Commercial art majors have two primary options within the program: Graphic Design and Digital Video Production. These concentrations prepare students for creative careers that develop visual solutions for clients. Students are grounded in solid art foundations including drawing, design and art history classes. Then students advance to upper level classes specializing in their given fields, culminating with a portfolio of work that will prepare them for entry into the workforce in their given field. Between their junior and senior years, students are required to acquire and complete an internship for in-field experience. In their senior year students select a body of work from their portfolio to be presented in an exhibition in the Coburn Gallery.

Gain Real World Experience

Students in Ashland’s Commercial Art program are encouraged to work with the Department of Art's internship coordinator and Career Services at Ashland University to explore possible internship opportunities in their field.

All graduating art students in every discipline are required to produce a senior exhibition, which usually takes place in the Coburn Gallery at the end of each academic year. This process is overseen by the Senior Exhibition course, which allows graduating artists the experience of staging their own gallery space and provides feedback on optimal exhibition strategies.

Each year the Coburn Gallery hosts the Annual Student Exhibition, featuring the outstanding work done in art classes during the previous year. The exhibition is juried by an outside professional, who not only chooses the work to be exhibited but designates cash awards. This exhibition allows students to experience the competitive field of professional visual art firsthand.

Students in every art area are reviewed twice prior to their senior year. Foundations Reviews are conducted to evaluate the student’s skill level developed in the Art Foundations Sequence, and to indicate areas of strength as well as those needing improvement. Concentration Reviews are held at the end of the junior year to evaluate each artist’s technical and conceptual development in preparation for their senior exhibition. These reviews are part of the Department of Art’s assessment process.


Professors Who Get You Excited About Learning

  • You will learn from professors who are not only outstanding teachers but also artists themselves. (See the Faculty Pages to find out more)
  • Ashland University art professors give you the personal attention you need to perfect your skills and gain the knowledge you need to fully understand the subject matter.
  • Professors keep in contact with students long after they graduate. That’s how interested they are in you and your future success.

What You’ll Love About the Commercial Art Program

  • Varying array of majors to choose from within the Design and Media Arts fields.
  • You’ll receive a solid foundation in fine arts training in a well-rounded educational environment.
  • You’ll get to experience both the rural Ashland University campus setting and the big city Art Institute campus.
  • You’ll earn a bachelor’s degree, which leads to more opportunity in your future career.
  • You’ll enjoy lots of personal attention from your Ashland University professors.