Computer Arts and Graphic Programming

If you are a technologically literate artist, this may be for you.

CAGP is a combined major between the Art Department and the Mathematics/Computer Sciences Department.   This a challenging yet rewarding program that will put you in high demand.

As a graduate of this challenging program, you will learn what it takes to be a practicing artists while at the same time developing logical skills that can be applied to solve complex computational problems.  You will be trained on high-end computer equipment using the Adobe Creative Suite to build your portfolio in time-based media, imaging, programming and website design.


  • You will be taught by professors who are gifted at making complex material easy to grasp.
  • Professors are both committed teachers and active in their field, giving you the most up-to-date information.
  • By including professors from both the Department of Art and the Department of Computer Science you get the perfect combination of good design and great math/computer skills.


  • All graduating art students in every discipline are required to produce a senior exhibition, which usually takes place in the Coburn Gallery at the end of each academic year.
  • Internships Opportunities


Students in every art area recieve a total of three reviews.  Foundations Reviews are conducted to evaluate the student’s skill level developed in the Art Foundations Sequence, and to indicate areas of strength as well as those needing improvement. Concentration Reviews are held at the end of the junior year to evaluate each artist’s technical and conceptual development in preparation for their senior exhibition. Senior Reviews are given to evaluate progress being made towards the senior exhbition. These reviews are part of the Department of Art’s assessment process.


  • Digital Art II - investigate various video and 2-D animation techniques in time-based media.
  • Computer Programming II – explore the principles, practices, tools and methods of programming
  • Computer Graphics — presents and implements graphic algorithms along with three-dimensional graphics, rotation and other related topics

What You’ll Love About Computer Arts and Graphics Programming at Ashland University:

  • You will work in our well equipped computer design lab complete with high-end MAC stations, industry standard software and large format printing facilities. 

  • Classes are small so you’ll receive individual attention from professors who are highly qualified in the areas of computer programming and art design.

  • You’ll gain skills that equip you for employment as a computer art and graphics programmer and you’ll earn a Bachelor of Science degree that opens additional leadership opportunities in your career.

Reach Your Career Goals

  • Web Designer
  • Web Programmer
  • Graphics and Visualization Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Designer
  • Art Director
  • Multi-Media Producer
  • Technical Artist