Ethics Minor

AU's unique Ethics minor--shared between the Philosophy and Religion departments--trains students to be more ethically diverse and aware of their global responsibilities.  If planned correctly, almost EVERY MAJOR can benefit from this opportunity and add this minor with as little as ONE additional course beyond their core requirements.

To obtain this minor, students must satisfy two courses  from each department (6 hours each), and then can choose an approved elective (3 hours), designated by the Ethics Minor Committee.  For more information on scheduling, or for a complete list of approved electives, please see the link below or contact the program chairs (Dr. Craig Hovey or Dr. Louis Mancha).

Note: Religion and Philosophy majors may count only one of the ethics courses from that major toward the ethics minor requirement in that department. 

Course Number and Title Hrs. Prerequisites
Philosophy ethics courses – 6 hours
PHIL 210: Phil. of Human Nature 3 None
PHIL 215: Intro to Ethics 3          None
PHIL 280: Applied Ethics 3 None

Religion ethics courses – 6 hours                        
REL 109: Exploring Christian Ethics        3 None
REL 220: Taking Human Life 3 None
REL 308: Faith and Society   
3 None
REL 401: Sem. in Christian Ethics 3       REL 106 or 109
Any Approved Elective – 3 hours 3 (variable)
15 hrs.  

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