Majors for students who love the great outdoors.

As part of the Chemistry, Geology and Physics Department, Geology at Ashland University offers a unique scientific experience. When you study the geological sciences at Ashland University, you gain a deep appreciation for our physical world, its tumultuous past and current activity, as well as its precious natural resources.

Both Geology and Geology/Environmental Science are majors for students who love the great outdoors. With the campus situated close to several interesting geological sites and five environmental preserves, you are able to broaden your understanding by field testing theories and examining concepts and processes discussed in class. Classes are capped at just 24 students to allow maximum interaction with your professors who are respected and published scientists. Both employers and graduate schools prefer graduates with the hands-on, one-on-one experiences that you gain at Ashland University. That’s why 95 percent of all Ashland Geology major graduates who attend graduate school do so on full tuition scholarships.

You will enjoy:

  • Participating in research projects with your professors
  • Developing strong writing and research skills that will serve you well in graduate school or in your career
  • Using scientific equipment in our state-of-the-art sample preparation and instrumentation laboratories

Major's Department

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