Gerontology Minor

The minor in Gerontology provides a comprehensive approach to working with older adults.  This minor prepares students to:

  • Provide interventions for maximizing function and promoting health in the elderly
  • Examine societal aspects of aging, including the interaction of the aging with political, economic and other social phenomena
  • Develop an understanding of how normal age-related changes and risk factors intersect to impact functioning in older adults
  • Consider ethical and medical issues related to aging

Undergraduate students may declare a minor in Gerontology by speaking with their faculty advisor and/or professional academic advisor in their respective College. This advisor will assist the student in developing a curriculum plan incorporating the required coursework for minor completion.


Course Number Title Hrs. 
SOCWK 324 Working with Older Adults 3 None
PSYC 224 Psychology of Aging 3 None
SOC 223 Sociology of Aging 3 None
SOCWK 350 Death and Dying 3 None
SOCWK 323 Later Adulthood in the Family 3 None
      - OR  -
HFSH 322
Active Aging and Wellness

Physical Aging


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Total Hours: 18

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