The Department of Foreign Languages offers a B.A. in French and Spanish and a B.S.Ed. in French and Spanish that leads to teacher licensure for all levels (PreK-12).

  • The four-year guarantee is available for all majors within the department.  The B.A. in French or Spanish can be completed in three years.
  • You can combine a major in a foreign language with a second major and still graduate in four years.  With careful planning, a triple-major is possible in that time frame.
  • Many of our courses fulfill core requirements (e.g. literature courses – humanities, civilization courses – social sciences).
  • Through our carefully articulated language curriculum based on national standards, we help you achieve a high level of proficiency. You can present your skills to future employers with confidence, knowing that you stack up favorably against candidates across the United States.
  • You will participate annually in a unique portfolio assessment process of your skills and knowledge that focuses on your individual academic growth and success.
  • You'll develop real-life communication skills that allow you to express yourself and understand what the people of other cultures say and write, as well as the background underlying those forms of communication.
  • All classes are taught by your professors, not by graduate students or teaching assistants, so you will experience high-quality teaching by experts who will give you individual attention.

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Intrigued by the possibilities of studying a foreign language and want to know more? Here are some FAQs.

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