A minor in social work is a great choice for those who seek to enhance their chosen major with a greater understanding of working with individuals who are at-risk or encumbered by factors in their lives that limit their capacity to realize their full potential. This may include students planning on working in health care, mental health services, education, or criminal justice. It can also benefit students who are contemplating graduate studies in social work.  Students who minor in social work will:

  • become familiar with the social welfare structure in the United States
  • learn about the historical and ethical frameworks of social work
  • expand their knowledge of human behavior and the social environment, and how each interacts
    with one another
  • learn about international issues related to social justice
  • study a specific population group (i.e. family and children)

Unlike a major in social work, a minor will not allow a student to be licensed as a social worker; however, it will provide a more enriching experience to understand and work with individuals in their social environments – and perhaps by doing so better understand oneself.


Course Number Title Hrs.
SOC 111 Principles of Sociology 3
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology (3)
SOCWK 221 Introduction to Social Work 3
SOCWK 250 Foundations of Social Welfare 3
SOCWK 230 Global Human Rights 3
SOCWK 330 International Perspectives on Women (3)
SOCWK 304 Human Behavior Across the Lifespan 3
SOCWK 306 Social Environment and Human Behavior (3)
Choose Three (3) Credit Hours of the Following
SOCWK 230 Global Human Rights 3
SOCWK 265 Parent-Child Relationships (3)
SOCWK 305 Family Violence (3)
SOCWK 320 Topics in Social Work (3)
SOCWK 323 Later Adulthood in the Family Context (3)
SOCWK 324 Working With Older Adults (3)
SOCWK 330 International Perspectives on Women (3)
SOCWK 350 Death and Dying (3)
Total Hours: 18

Reach your goals with a career in social work.

If you have a passion for helping others improve their lives and their communities, social work is an excellent choice.  As a licensed... Read More