Cross-Genre Option

Study a Secondary Genre: The Cross-Genre Option

After being admitted to the program in poetry, creative nonfiction, or fiction, students interested in multiple genres may petition the MFA Director to take either English 632: Mentorship II, or English 633: Mentorship III, in a secondary genre.

For example, a student accepted into the MFA Program in creative nonfiction might petition the MFA Director to take one course, either English 632 or English 633, in poetry. Poetry would then become that student’s secondary genre.

Students must support such requests with writing samples in the secondary genre. In making decisions to grant or deny student requests to study in a second genre, the MFA Director will consult appropriate MFA Faculty. Decisions will be based on the student’s writing sample and on progress the student has made in his or her primary genre.

Students taking courses in two genres must complete English 631: Mentorship I and English 701: MFA Thesis, and either English 632 or English 633, in the primary genre.

Current Student Cross-Genre Application Form

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