Department History

Take a step into our past, while walking with us toward the future.

Ashland College was chartered in 1878 by the German Baptist Brethren Church. Classes opened at the college in the fall of 1879 with eight members of the faculty and 75 students. David Bailey, M.A., was the first instructor in mathematics.

The first college catalogue lists two four-year degree programs, the Classical and the Philosophical. The mathematics courses offered during the initial years of the college were Geometry (one quarter), Higher Algebra (two quarters), Trigonometry and Surveying (one quarter), Spherical Trigonometry and Navigation (one quarter), General Geometry (one quarter), The Calculus (two quarters), Mechanics (one quarter) and Astronomy (one quarter). All of these courses, except Mechanics and Astronomy, were required for students in both four-year programs.  

Faculty History

A look at our great faculty, who each have incrementally shaped our program. The below picture shows Retired Professor Alan Poorman, Retired Professor Dr. Cathy Stoffer and Mrs. Marjorie Poorman (Alan Poorman's wife.) Thank you to all the past and present Professors of the Math and Computer Science program. They have all helped to make the Math and Computer Science program a great program.