Ashland University College of Arts & Sciences
Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Symposium (URCA)

This annual event provides students in The College of Arts and Sciences the chance to present the results of independent study projects, thesis work, term papers or literary analysis, exhibit their artwork or give literary readings, musical or theatrical performances in a professional setting. Students have 10-15 minutes to give an oral presentation, poster presentation, art exhibition or performance. The event is held at the John C. Myers Convocation Center. The Symposium gives presenters and attendees the opportunity to learn about the work of other students throughout the diverse departments in The College of Arts and Sciences.

2019 URCA

  • "An Analysis of the Effect of Early Season Winning Percentage on Final Regular Season Winning Percentage" by Emily Martin

2018 URCA

  • "Self-Service Tool for Blackboard Instructors" by Nathan Ahrens, Brady Douglas, Erich Berger, and Brennan Kunkel
  • "Black Fork Wetlands Data Storage Web Application" - by Benjamin Cipa, Mohammed Bawazeer, and Sebastian Vidika
  • "Learning Through Game Development" - by Brady Douglas
  • "Identifying Influential Nodes in Weighted, Directed Networks" - by Kelly Fullin
  • "Prediciting Changes in Scores and Earnings on the PGA Tour" - by Michael Woode
  • "Visualization of Binary Search Trees" - by Nathan Ahrens
  • "Colleague-Blackboard Integration Audit Tool" - by Michael Cowan, Nick Hurst, Justin Wallace, and Michael Woode

2017 URCA

  • "An Introduction to the Generalized Riemann Integral and its Role in the Undergraduate Mathematics Education" by Ryan Bastian. Ryan's thesis has been added to the OhioLINK Elecronic Theses & Dissertations Center. Ryan's thesis is also the 27th Ashland University Honors Thesis to join the more than 90,000 dissertations and theses in the OhioLINK ETD Center.
  • "The Dishonest Salesperson Problem" by Grace McCourt

2016 URCA

  • "Enhanced Techniques for Performing Base N Arithmetic and Conversion." by Victoria Gruber
  • "Cover Pebbling Numbers" by Grace McCourt
  • "A Population Growth Model with Time-Dependent Carrying Capacity" by Paul Pernici
  • "MEDUSA: Monitoring Environmental Data Using Software Applications" by Raymond Acevedo, Abdullah Aldhfyan, Abdulmohsen Alsalman, Zack Brown, Omar Busheel, Joseph Hermperly, Ashley Herman, Rupesh Maharjan, and Dylan Moats.

2015 URCA

  • "Constant Speed or Constant Effort: Which is the More Efficient Way to Run?" by Scott Glorioso
  • "Comparing Feature Extraction and Feature Selection Algorithms in Pattern Recognition" by Paul Pernici
  • "Sieve Bootstrap - Based Prediction Intervals for GARCH Processes" by Garrett Tresch

2014 URCA

  • "Sub-rectangles and Super-rectangles: Creation and Properties" by Stacee King

2013 URCA

  • "Undergraduate Problem Solving in Mathematics" by Joey Ciaccia, Stacee King, Anna Payne, Megan Raber and Brad Sekas
  • "Minimizing the Number of Two-step Paths in a Graph" by Anna Payne
  • "Programming Techniques in Dark GDK" by Chris Yocum and Ben Bushong

2012 URCA

  • Cohort of Games - Game Design with Dark GDK (The following games were presented: "Mouse Madness" by Anna Payne, "Little Red Plumber" by Rylan Campbell, "Blackjack" by Allen Kowal, "Rockem Sockem Robots" by Kenny Bogner and Kees Edwards, Final Project for CS 499 Software Development
  • "The Design and Implementation of Real-World Projects for Real Clients: Building a Library for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Stystem" by Thomas Conti, John Cunning, Brandon Davis, Jim Huang and Matthew Smithburger
  • "Lines, Diagrams and Duals! Oh, My!" by Nick Painter

2011 URCA

  • "Shared Shortest Paths in Graphs" by Nicole Peterson
  • "Exploring the Platonic Relationship between Probability and Yahtzee" by Kara Biltz

2010 URCA

  • "The Design and Implementation of Real-World Projects for Real Clients: The Westfield Group Project" by John Bentley, Kimberly Hohl, Andrew Rowe and Matthew Schwan
  • "The Design and Implementation of Real-World Projects for Real Clients: The Home Hardware Inc. Project" by John Bentley, Kimberly Hohl, Andrew Rowe and Matthew Schwan
  • "iAshland - Student Life Application" by Emilia Del Pino, Jeremy Mio an Thomas Valy
  • "Smorgasbord of Primes" by Todd Polak

Mathematics Association of America - Ohio Section

2019 Spring Meeting, Akron University

  • Emily Martin - "An Analysis of the Effect of Early Season Winning Percentage on Final Regular Season Winning Percentage"

2018 Spring Meeting, Miami University

  • Kyle Puhl - "Expanding the One-Sided Infinite Ladder"
  • Michael Woode - "Improving in Professional Golf"

2017 Spring Meeting, Sinclair Community College

  • Grace McCourt - "The Dishonest Salesperson Problem"
  • Michael Woode - "On Sentiment Analysis"

2016 Spring Meeting, Ohio Northern University

  • Grace McCourt - "Covering Pebbling Numbers"

2015 Spring Meeting, Marshall University

  • Scott Glorioso - "Constant Speed or Constant Effort: Which is More Efficient Way to Run?"
  • Garrett Tresch - "Sieve Bootstrap - Based Prediction Intervals for GARCH Processes"

2013 Spring Meeting, Denison University

  • Kate Fleming - "Variations on the Monty Hall Problem"
  • Stacee King - "Subtriangles and Their Implications for Creating Subrectangles"
  • Megan Raber - "Decimal Expansions Involving Fibonacci Numbers"

2012 Spring Meeting, Xavier University

  • Larissa Berry - "The Last Stone Standing"
  • John Bentley - "The Prime Detective"
  • Caitlin Music - "Stop or Go"
  • Anna Payne - "Let's Make a Deal: Probability of a Popular Game Show"
  • Bradley Sekas - "Can Counting Cards Win You Money?"

2011 Spring Meeting, Youngstown State University

  • Kara Blitz - "Exploring the Platonic Relationship between Probability and Yahtzee"
  • Niko Blankenship - "A Different Look at March Madness"
  • Alayna Ruggles - "Weird Dance"
  • Nicole Peterson - "Sequences and Balanced Distributions"
  • Polly Widmer - "To Be, or Not to Be, Dry!"
  • Donnie Dottei - "Baseball's Record Breaking Math"

2010 Spring Meeting, Kent State University

  • Nicholas Blankenship - "An NBA Fan's New Year's Resolution"
  • Alan Dunson - "Origins of Sudoko"
  • Nathaniel Ferron - "To Deal or Not to Deal"
  • Shawn Kiss - "The Parallel Climbers Puzzle"
  • Sean McGraw - "A History of the Function"
  • Michael Nelson - "Redistricting/Gerrymandering: A Mathematical Evaluation"
  • Todd Polak - "The Distribution of Primes Modulo 3 and 4"
  • Andrew Rowe - "Cyclogons: Rolling with Polygons"
  • Matthew Schwan - "Unlocking the Keys: A Mathematical Look at Instrument Tuning"
  • Mollie Sturm - "Math Madness: Tournament Ranking Methods"

2009 Spring Meeting, Bowling Green State University

  • Nicholas Bellanco - "Taxicab Version of Pythagorean Theorem"
  • Janice Greenblatt - "Rather Streaking Numbers"
  • Mark Kaiser - "The Sum of Two Cubes in Two Different Ways"
  • Shawn Kiss - "Condensation Method of Evaluating Determinants"
  • Stacey Markovich - "Sending Secrets through a Subliminal Channel"
  • Sean McGraw - "The Effect on Return Time by Retarding Forces"
  • Ryan O'Dell - "Particle Accelerators with Vector Calculus"
  • Bruce Pryor - "An Improper Integral and Green's Theorum"
  • Katelyn Roberts - "Franklin's Magic Circle"
  • Teresa Schermerhorn - "Finding the GCD of Two Gaussian Integers"
  • Gregory Slutz - "Euler's Method for Finding Amicable Pairs"
  • Mollie Sturn - "Products of Sines: Trigonometric Identities Involving Constants"

2008 Spring Meeting, Marietta College

  • Kimberly Alley - "Musical Mathematics"
  • Rachel Cordy - "Sudoko"
  • Kevin Jackson - "A True Baseball Fan or One Who Just Likes to Travel?"
  • Jordan Job - "Using Alphametics to Send a Message"
  • Kate Plummer - "Wizarding Wisdom or Simple Logic?"