In the fall of 2011, Dr. Gordon Swain formed the Ashland University Problem Solving Group (PSG). The group met regularly throughout the academic year to discuss and attempt to solve mathematical problems posed in scholarly journals. The group submitted solutions to several journals and was recognized for solutions in February, April and September 2012 issues of Math Horizons and the Spring 2012 issue of the PME Journal. Additionally, Math Horizons highlighted the solutions provided by AU PSG in its April and September issues.

Anna Payne, who participated in an undergraduate research program, acknowledged that her membership in Ashland University’s Problem Solving Group (PSG) had also helped her in the program. 

“PSG teaches us to think differently about problems and use a variety of methods to handle seemingly difficult problems. For me, that was very useful because a lot of times the method of solving a problem is not immediately obvious," said Anna.

All AU Students Welcome!

All AU students are welcome!

Any AU student can join. All you need is an interest and commitment to attend at least four meetings.

Come join us and keep on problem-solving!

2016-2017 Faculty Advisor

Dr. Chris Swanson

2015-2016 AU Problem Solving Group

Welcome 2015-2016 New Members:

Emily Law

Kyle Puhl

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